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50+ LGBT Grief Support Group - Have you experienced or are experiencing a loss in your life?  Loss can take multiple forms, loss due to a separation or breakup, loss due to various addictions, loss of a job etc. Whatever loss you  experience, if you are struggling with a loss, please join us. Sometimes anniversaries of a loss trigger sadness.  Some people may need to join us every month, while others may come just once and able to process...there is no set time limit to process a loss, each individual takes whatever time they need.  Please note:  We are not a therapy group, but individuals coming together to talk about our loss and our process.

"This group was developed based on a need for the LGBT community, We need your help in passing the word.  This event happens on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at The Firs, 426 Lilly Rd NE, Olympia, 5:30 to 7 p.m. Cathy facilitates this event.

This is a SAGE Olympia sponsored event. The next 50+ LGBT Grief Support Group will meet Wed., Feb. 17, 2016.

SAGE Olympia Monthly Board Meeting

The next SAGE Olympia Board Meeting will be Wed., March 2 at the Olympia Center, 222 Columbia St. NW, downtown Olympia by Percival Landing. SAGE Olympia Board Meeting  5:30 - 7:00.

There is a 15 minute slot for community comment on the agenda at the beginning of each Board Meeting.

Board meetings are normally held the first Wednesday of every month. The schedule is subject to change. We will send announcements to our news and announcement list if and when there are changes.

Pints & Pool A LGBT adult gathering at the O'Malley's Lounge, Westside Lanes from 5-7 p.m.,  2010 Harrison Ave NW, Olympia, WA. Pints & Pool is held on the first Thursday of every month. Next Pints & Pool Thursday, March 3.




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